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Racchiusole, nothing more.
A unique vine and wine that derives exclusively from it, perfectly in line with the project.

SOIL: very sandy, alluvial, rich in stone and potassium with steep slopes. Vines that peer over 400 metres in altitude.
GRAPES: pinot noir.
WINEMAKING/REFINEMENT PROCESS: fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 15-20 days, follow by frequent stirring on its fine lees. No or partial malolactic fermentation, depending on the vintage. Maturation in steel tanks and bottles.
WINE: light destemming without crushing, showing maximum respect for the grapes. Natural fermentation in steel vats without temperature control. Frequent but gentle délestage and short maceration, no longer than 12-13 days. Malolactic fermentation in small, not new wooden containers, stirring the lees with special noble lees using artisanal poles. Maturation in barriques for the third, fourth and fifth passages, for at least 8-10 months. Bottled without clarification or oenological additives, except for small doses of sulphur dioxide.
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Contains Sulfites

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